Keg for a Cause – Biggest Yet!

In true spirit of our community, hundreds of people turned up at the Exchange Hotel on Friday night to show their support for a fundraiser in memory of local Renae Kerr, who at only 39, recently passed away from cancer.

From the time Publican Nick Murray was down in the cellar tapping in the keg of Carlton Draught, there were people lining up at the bar keen to dig deep into their pockets to donate and also have a beer or two in memory of Renae.

“All day we had people calling in with donations, who couldn’t attend that night. It truly was amazing.” says publican Nick Murray. “That’s the thing about the people of the Wimmera, we are always there for each other when the chips are down.”

KFACRenae Kerr-5

Renae’s sister, Katie Baker couldn’t believe the number of people in the bar. “It was amazing! I just didn’t expect to see so many people in there giving so generously. Renae would have been one of the first there if it was someone else, it would have made her happy to see so many people having a laugh.”

KFACRenae Kerr-4

“We raised almost $2500, in about 2 hours. Absolutely mind blowing ! The most we have ever raised with Keg for a Cause. I think that is a true testament of the legacy that Renae is leaving behind in her memory. She was loved and respected as a person, mother, wife and a friend.”

Keg for a Cause was an initiative started by the Exchange Hotel late last year as a way the hotel could give back to the community and also raise awareness what’s going on in the community. This Friday night the Exchange Hotel are putting on a keg to raise funds for the St Michael’s Football Club to develop a Junior Football training area. The Keg is tapped at 5pm on Friday nights. If you have a cause that needs funds, please email the Exchange Hotel for further details.

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